PlayStation Plus EXTRA 12 Months Subscription ACCOUNT

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This is not a key PLEASE NOTE: This item is a private new account with 12 Month Essential Subscriptions. NOT A CODE You can share the PS plus benefit from this new account with your existing account in the same console, only the below features can be shared: -Online multiplayer -Downloaded Monthly Plus games -Downloaded Playstation Plus games (with Extra/Deluxe subscription only) -Downloaded Classic catalog games (with Deluxe subscription only) How to share PS Plus benefits: On your PS5 console, enable the Console Sharing and Offline Play setting. On your PS4 console, select the Activate as Your Primary PlayStation 4 setting. Features: Monthly Games Online Multiplayer Exclusive Discounts The PlayStation Plus Collection* Share Play Game Help* Cloud Storage Exclusive Content PS4 and PS5 Game Catalog Ubisoft+ Classics *PlayStation Plus Collection and Game Help available on PS5 only.
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PlayStation Plus EXTRA 12 Months Subscription ACCOUNT