Unbarring Service iPhone T-Mobile USA Premium Service

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Product ID: 2849078

84 USD


Time: 1-7 Working days

IMEI Status: blacklisted, barred, lost, stolen,

Country: United States of America,

Operator: T-Mobile,

Manufacturer: Apple,


Service for Cleaning / Unbarring your Lost / Stolen / Blocked T-Mobile USA  iPhone

This service will make your IMEI clean and the iPhone can be used with T-Mobile SIM or will be ready for unlock.

Service Support:

  • T-Mobile carrier.
  • Only iPhone, all models.
  • Lost IMEI.
  • Stolen IMEI.
  • Blocked IMEI.


  • Full refund if your iPhone is rejected.
  • Make sure that iPhone is lost/stolen/blocked by T-Mobile USA.
  • If your device has an outstanding balance then it will remain even after cleaning.
  • It is NOT UNLOCK service, iPhone will still  be locked to T-Mobile
  • This service will Clean any  T-Mobile iPhone and will be removed from Lost/ Stolen/ Blocked and marked as Clean (or outstanding balance).
  • MetroPCS iPhone are Not Supported.
  • IMEI with mark "Fraud" is not supported.
  • Service only for iPhone!


  • No refund for submitted the wrong IMEI. 
  • No refund if your iPhone is Not T-Mobile USA. 
  • No refund if your iPhone show financed after clean. 
  • No refunds are given if your device is not BLACKLISTED by T-MOBILE USA.