Unlock Code LG All Level and Countries

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Time: 1-2 Working days

Manufacturer: LG,


The codes are originally from database.

Using this service, you get all level code to unlock your LG:


Unlock Decription:
1. Insert the sim card which works out your phone
2. Enter 2945#*MODEL#
3. Window appears for the code
4. Enter the code nck received
5. The phone is unlocked.

Service is Respected To Delivery code in 30-60 Minutes
However if there is serveroverload please allow upto max 48 Hours to complete the order.


Option 1 method:
To enter your unlock code, LG phones often require access to a hidden menu first. To access this menu simply enter the digits 2 9 4 5 # * 7 1 0 0 1 #.
1. Insert an original SIM card and turn the phone on
2. Access the hidden menu by typing 2 9 4 5 # * 7 1 0 0 1 #
3. Select 'Menu' and then 'Settings'
4. Next, select 'security'
5. Select 'network provider' and 'deactivate'
6. Finally enter the unlocking code provided.

Option 2 method:
1. Insert a not accepted SIM card and switch your LG phone.
2. The phone will display *phone restricted*.
3. Select cancel.
4. The phone will display *phone restriction code*.
5. Enter the unlock code provided.
6. Select OK.
7. Your LG will now be now unlocked.

Do not submit here CDMA Phones. 95% of CDMA codes SPC: 0000 or 00000000.

Please must check device is asking for code before plece order.
Please check device is not rooted and not hard lock.
This is auto API service. Orders will go in process immidiately after submission.
In process IMEI not possible to cancel.
Once order placed not possible to cancel even it's delay .
This service no have refund for any way, so please before submit must check code yourself then submit we dont give refund for any IMEI.