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You will get a new fresh steam account with Valheim
You will receive the email, username, and password.
You have full control. You will be able to change all Account Details!

You have two ways to play:

1. Use the new fresh steam account to play Valheim
After you receive the account. You can log in through steam and play.

2. Play game on your main account
After you receive the account. You can share the game via "Family Sharing" with your main account.

Walheim is a game in which you have to explore a huge fantasy world steeped in Scandinavian mythology and Viking culture. Your adventure begins in the heart of Walheim, a rather peaceful place. But beware, because the further you go, the more dangerous the world around you will become. Fortunately, not only dangers await you along the way - you will also find more valuable materials that will be very useful for creating deadly weapons and strong armor. Build fortresses and outposts around the world! And over time, build an indestructible Drakkar and set out to conquer endless oceans in search of foreign lands ... But try not to swim too far.