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About the game:
Rust is a 2013 multiplayer survival game from the indie studio Facepunch, who previously created Garry´s Mod. The game combines some ideas from DayZ, Minecraft, S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow of Chernobyl.
Additional information: During the game, players get various resources, for example, food, animal skins, boards. In addition to the starter kit, any items in the game must be mined, created from mined or received from other players. For example, planks can be obtained by working with a stone or an ax on trees and when painting the resulting material, and meat - by killing animals.
To survive, the player must fight hunger, low temperatures, attacks of wild animals or people, and avoid radiation. The game has a well-developed system for creating items (weapons, clothes and buildings), called crafting, or crafting, a little similar to the games Minecraft and 7 Days to Die (Eng.) Russian .. Initially, the player is available only about a dozen of the simplest “recipes” for crafting blueprint - drawing), new recipes can be obtained by killing animals and other characters, or collecting items from boxes, rarer chests or huge green containers dropped from an airplane (the so-called AirDrop, you can find weapons, weapon modifications, ammunition, paper in them ) Among the items you can find a research kit (“Research kit”), with which it is possible to study existing items for which the player does not yet know the appropriate recipes.
The game motivates players to form groups within which responsibilities are distributed.
The developers intentionally did not enter any coordinates in the game, viewing a map, or objects for orientation (for example, a compass) in order to complicate the game process.

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    Great game, easy transaction, thank you ⭐️

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    Thx have got it in 2 hours

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    It is as described. They sent it out within minutes of purchasing. Plus getting the game for more than half the price is amazing as well.

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    Sent quickly, product as advertised. :)

  • Nancy

    worked perfectly, bought 2 copies for me and my boyfriend so we can play at the same time! we had no problem running it c:

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