Site rules

These rules for using the site are developed by the site administration and determine the conditions for using the site.

By using the site you confirm your agreement with the rules of the site. If you do not agree with the rules of the site - stop using the site immediately.

Ignorance of the rules of the site does not exempt from liability for their violation. Violators of the rules will be punished by the moderators or administrators of the site and they will be denied access to the site.


Administrator - an authorized employee to manage the Site.

User - a person who has access to the Site through the Internet and uses the Site.

Site - resource site further.

Credits - internal balance tied to the site user. Credits are used to pay for goods on the site.


  1. The site is not responsible for posted messages. We do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any message, we are also not responsible for the content of the message.
  2. Messages reflect the views of the author of the message, and not necessarily the views of the owners of this forum. It is recommended that all users who believe that a posted message raises any objections immediately contact us by e-mail [email protected] . We have the opportunity to delete questionable messages, and we will apply the maximum conditions for this as soon as possible, in case we consider such actions necessary.
  3. Using the services of this website, you agree not to use this website to post knowingly false, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, obscene information and / or information of a sexual nature, information that offends dignity and violates the right to privacy, as well as any other information that is contrary to legislative norms.
  4. You agree not to post any copyrighted material if copyright does not belong to you or the owners of the forum.

User registration:

  1. Your email address must be valid. If you want to maintain privacy, you can prohibit the publication of your address - it will become invisible to other users.
  2. The administration reserves the right to use the email of participants to send general announcements.
  3. It is forbidden to register a user with a meaningless nickname (for example, "sfHJk344"), you cannot use obscene words, site addresses, email addresses, etc. in the user's nickname.
  4. Double registration is prohibited (registration under two or more nicknames) and nickname capture (nickname registration in order to prevent others from using them). Registration of a double of an existing nickname (or visually similar).
  5. Transfer resale of your user account is prohibited, the user of the site receives a non-transferable right to use his registration.
  6. The user is responsible for the accuracy and accuracy of filling out the registration form.

User Responsibility:

1. The user guarantees that the materials posted by him as part of the resource:

2. The user must respect the administration and users of the site. It is forbidden to insult, slander, threat, extortion. For violation of the rules of this section - the user receives a ban, in case of gross or repeated violation - the user's credit account is canceled.

Payment for services:

  1. By buying on the site you buy credits, which in turn can pay for goods or services.
  2.  The purchase of credits is a prerequisite for ordering goods or services (Exception - various ongoing free shares).
  3.  Credits can be bought on the site using the money accepted on the site on the day of purchase. 1 credit = 1 USD
  4. The purchase price of credits set by the site administrator on the day of purchase depending on the dollar exchange rate to the currency for which credits are purchased. The sale price of credits is set by the site administration on the day of sale, depending on the dollar sale rate to the currency for which credits are sold.
  5. To be able to withdraw credits for other currencies other than USD, the following rules are established: If the exchange rate for which credits were purchased has grown - credits are sold at the rate that was on the day the loans were purchased. If the exchange rate for which credits were bought fell - credits are sold at the rate that exists for the sale of credits. 
  6. To withdraw credits, send an application to [email protected] . Withdrawal of credits from the system is carried out in up to 10 business days. In most cases, within 1-3 days, depending on the load of the service. After filing an application for withdrawal - expect the specified period. Any questions about the timing and acceleration of the withdrawal of funds - will be ignored.
  7.  When buying and selling credits - the user assumes all expenses associated with the commissions of payment systems. The method of return and the payment system for the return is chosen by the administration depending on the currency and availability of funds in this payment system.
  8. Due to the nature of some product (digital keys), the refund not possible. Please read the product description carefully before buying.


  1. The correctness of filling out the order forms, the correct choice of device model, serial number, country \ operator is the responsibility of the user. Any errors made in the order can lead to a negative result, the user of the site takes such consequences.
  2. Before ordering a product or service, the user must study the service he needs on the order description page, if there is not enough information, the user can contact the site support, write to the [email protected] administrator or use external sources (for example, the developer's official website) for the accuracy of the information on third-party resources The site is not responsible.
  3. Having placed an order on the site, the user assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of the specified data when placing the order (serial number, MEP, S \ N, country, operator, device model, device login, IMEI, etc.) and agrees that he fully owns sufficient information to use the result obtained for his own purposes.
  4. When placing an order, the user assumes all responsibility, including a negative result, if mistakes were made when filling out the order form or incorrect data were provided.
  5. For an incorrectly placed order (incorrect information, model, status, operator, etc.)  a fee for processing this order in the amount of $ 9.5 is charged from the customer’s balance.
  6. The user is responsible for the verification of the opera, country, etc. The free checker is for informational purposes only and cannot be a guarantor. Before ordering a service, use a paid check on our website. The user assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the paid verification from other resources.
  7. If the unlock code does not fit, applications are accepted within 2 (two) business days after processing the order on the site, the provider does not accept the application after 48 hours !. In the event that an unlock code is not required, you have two days to check the unlock after this period has passed, complaints, for this reason, are not accepted.
  8. In case of receiving incorrect codes (for NOKIA, Samsung,) or an erroneous "unlocked" status (for iPhone), the basis for submitting an application is a repeated IMEI verification log, ordered on our website, to the client’s account. Important !: Suppliers rarely accept applications for returns (even with a video), if the code does not fit, in this case we will not be able to cancel your order and return you.
  9. If you receive an incorrect result, you cannot contact other providers of the same service until your question is finally resolved by us.
  10. It is forbidden to question the status of the order before the expiration of its specified period. In the event of a delay in the order by the supplier, the site reserves the right to extend the term for the provision of services by 7 working days additionally. After this period, with the consent of the buyer, the supplier will be sent a notice of forced cancellation of the order.
  11. After the customer has placed an order, the order cannot be canceled. Cancellation is possible only if the deadline for completing the order + 5 working days.
  12. If the order (the transaction between the site and the buyer) did not take place due to the fault of the buyer (failure to provide the necessary data, a response was given to the manager, misleading the manager, or providing incorrect information), a fee of 10% of the order amount will be charged from the client, at least $ 5.
  13. If the client sent a lot of the same type of false, uninformative messages/questions, which led to a significant investment of time for the manager to process letters, a fee will be charged from the client to cover labor costs (the amount is individual and disclosed to the client).

Referral system:

  1. Payments are made to your balance on the site, with the possibility of withdrawing funds.
  2. It is forbidden to buy through your own referral link. In case of violation, the payment for such an order is canceled.


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